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自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life



自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life





自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life




自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life


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Fruit yeast has cosmetic, weight loss and other effects, so many people will now home-made yeast began to use, but yeast is a particularly active substance, ready to eat, can not be preserved for too long, otherwise it will deteriorate, but harmful to the human body, but because yeast production is not easy, now eat Now it will be a waste of time and materials. So how to preserve yeast is a big problem.

自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life

Enzyme raw liquor should be kept at room temperature, 20 or 30 years will not be bad, note': is the original liquor; can not be put in the refrigerator, low temperature will reduce the enzyme activity, not sunlight. Enzymes are preserved at room temperature. There are thousands of kinds of enzymes, some enzymes can play a role at high temperatures, enzymes can be heated.

Enzyme raw pulp after opening should be eaten as soon as possible. If it is not eaten, it should be stored in the refrigerator (in principle, we would like guests to eat one at a time, not one divided into 2 to 3 meals a day). It can not be diluted by hot water (over 40 C), otherwise the activity will be destroyed. If you want to help digestion, you can eat with food.

Enzymes bought after the preservation should also pay attention to, such as ingots and liquid enzymes in the refrigerator after opening should be stored to avoid deterioration, but powdered and capsule-shaped enzymes should not be frozen in the refrigerator, otherwise it is easy to damp, as long as placed in a cool and dry place, as soon as possible after opening can be eaten.

Homemade enzymes preservation containers Homemade enzymes must be stored in non-metallic containers, such as plastic buckets or pottery can be, relatively speaking, more ideal plastic containers, because they have or expand space, in the enzyme tension after the occurrence of no explosion, more safe. Glass containers do not possess this property. In addition, metal materials in metal containers react chemically with some components of enzymes, causing enzymes to deteriorate, so they can never be used.

自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life

Self-made enzymes can not be stored in the refrigerator, because in the low temperature environment, the enzyme activity will disappear, people can not play its due role after eating, so the self-made enzymes can be stored directly in a warm environment, and sealed. If there is no heating in the house and the indoor environment is very low in winter, try not to use it. When the ambient temperature rises, the enzyme activity will recover.

Self-made enzyme storage temperature of self-made enzymes, whether it is preserved or used, can not touch 45 degrees above the high temperature, put it right in the environment around 25 degrees, is the most ideal. When you keep the enzyme at room temperature, you must remember that you can't let it come into direct contact with the sun, because when the sun shines directly on the enzyme, the temperature will be much higher than 45 degrees, and the enzyme will deteriorate in the change of temperature.

The factors affecting yeast stability include moisture, nitrogen content, storage temperature and presence of oxygen. Yeast cells are dormant under dry, air free and nutrient free conditions and are easy to preserve. It is best to use up in a short time after Kaifeng. If the yeast is not used up after opening the bag, it should be kept in cold storage state, avoid being heated and damped, that is to say, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate, in order to preserve the yeast activity.

自制水果酵素保质期 - Homemade fruit enzyme shelf life

The results showed that when the yeast was packaged in vacuum, the yeast activity decreased by 0.6%, 1.7% and 80% respectively at 5 C, 20 C and 37 C. Therefore, after opening the sack, the yeast must be sealed tightly, and then put in the refrigerator refrigeration, so as to preserve the yeast activity. But we must use it as quickly as possible, otherwise the yeast will fail easily.

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