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JetBlue With Points


When you get your account follow this screen recording &

The videos showed you how to get to the email & phone number in order to change them. Make sure to change the MOBILE NUMBER on the account to a burner number. Use

Change e-mail & password twice. You can enter new password each time. Use to change the email twice before using a proper email (such as gmail, hotmail or etc…) which you are going to use as the main email on the account to keep up with everything.

Transferring Points:

Click start a pool: This will allow you to give up to 6 people access to the points on the account

All you have to do is fill in the name & e-mail attached to the account that you want to transfer the points to, watch:

When you send the invite to your e-mail; click on it, login with the fake jetblue you’ve made and go back to jetblue account you’ve taken over.

Refresh the page & you’ll see a button to click which will let your fake account access the points

After you do that, the points will instantly transfer over